As with an pre-release Apple hardware, rumors of the 2016 MacBook Pro are making their way through the news cycle. If you believe them all, we’ll be getting the computer of our dreams in a slim, light package about the size of a MacBook Air.

But I don’t believe everything I read, and neither should you.

What we hear

Taking all the rumors into account, the 2016 MacBook Pro will be completely redesigned and pack in just about every feature you can think of.

Touch ID? Yup, that’s been tossed around. Some claim Apple is trying to squeeze dedicated Touch ID hardware into its new computer, possibly near the top of the device.

作为一款预计会在今年发布的硬件设备,2016 MacBook Pro吸引着不少人的关注,目前关于2016 MacBook Pro的传闻并不少,那么这些传闻,到底哪些是值得我们关注的,哪些又是不太可靠的呢?

根据传闻 2016 MacBook Pro将会被完全重新设计,

Touch ID?没错,一些朋友称,苹果公司试图将专用的触摸识别硬件安置在全新的电脑上,而且很有可能是被安置在2016 MacBook Pro的顶部。


The overall dimensions of the case are also said to be slimmer. We’ve heard several times that the MacBook Air is serving as a type of reference device for the new Pro.

Elsewhere, USB-C is going to be the silver bullet for connectivity moving forward. Apple is believed to be including up to three USB C ports on the new MacBook Pro; the MacBook has but one.

There’s also talk that the new MacBook Pro will have a Lightning port. Apple’s reasoning for that may be headphones; it’s believed to be dropping the audio jack from the iPhone 7, so it makes little sense to have it on the MacBook Pro.

除此之外,传闻中的可触摸的 OLED 屏,新增加的 USB-C 端口都值得我们关注。对了,也有粉丝称 2016 MacBook Pro 将配置 Lightning 端口,而认为 2016 MacBook Pro 配置该端口的理据是为了与取消 3.5mm 耳机插孔的 iPhone 7 共同进退。

首先,外媒认为 2016 MacBook Pro 将配置 Lightning 端口几乎是不可能发生的事情!他们甚至认为这是一个非常愚蠢的主意。如果 2016 MacBook Pro 配置 Lightning 端口,这将会是一个历史倒退。


The new Pro is also said to come in the color-ways of the MacBook: Space Grey, Gold, Rose Gold and Silver.

Kaby Lake processors are also likely to be inside. Intel has confirmed it’s now shipping them to OEMs like Apple.

We’re not sure which GPU the MacBook Pro may carry, but rumors point to both Intel and NVIDIA as contenders, here.

LTE is also being tossed around. A recently discovered Apple patent details methods for packing antenna into the hinge of a computer, which could be for better Wi-Fi as well as LTE connectivity.

And the OLED bar above the keyboard? That’s supposed to be some sort of rotating command center.


它可能会使用Kaby Lake处理器。Intel已证实这款处理器正在出货给像苹果这样的原始设备制造商。

我们不确定MacBook Pro将会使用哪款GPU,但传闻指向了英特尔和Nvidia这两个竞争对手。

也有传言说将内置 LTE 连接。一个最近发现的苹果专利详细介绍了把天线放进电脑铰链的方法,这可能是为了更好的Wi-Fi 和LTE连接。



Some of this is (probably) nonsense

Let’s be reasonable for a second (I know, who wants to be reasonable about rumors for a device so many of us want, right?). Some of this is entirely possible — and probable — but some is utter nonsense.

Straight away, I’ll tell you the OLED bar is almost definitely not happening. I’ve spoken to several people ‘familiar with Apple’s plans’ (which is the popular ‘journalist’ term for ‘I have sources but I’m not telling you who they are’) who laugh that feature off.

Speculatively, I think Apple would rather keep it simple; the technical and hardware debt incurred with an OLED bar is through the roof, and repairs on the new MacBook Pro likely won’t come cheap or easy.



马上,我就告诉你OLED条几乎肯定不会有。我跟几个“熟悉苹果计划'的人聊过(这是广受欢迎的“记者”术语“--我有来源但我不告诉你他们是谁) 他们对这个特性一笑了之。

大胆的说,我想苹果宁愿保持简单;由OLED条招致的技术和硬件债务暴涨,维修新的MacBook Pro可能也不会便宜和简单。


A Lightning port on a MacBook is a silly idea. To my mind, it’s a step backwards; Bluetooth headphones are easy to come by, and very reliable. Adding a Lightning port also confuses data transfer methods (a Lightning-to-Lightning cable for your iPhone? Stupid.), and having one simply for headphones is a waste of space.

To that, the 2016 MacBook Pro will probably be a bit thicker than the Air, and definitely nowhere as slim as the MacBook is. The Pro doesn’t have the luxury of a unified chipset design, and needs to be a lot more powerful than the MacBook. That means it needs to have more upgrade options, which in turn leaves us cobbling off-the-shelf parts together, more or less.

苹果笔记本电脑上的Lightning端口是一个愚蠢的想法。在我看来,这是个倒退;蓝牙耳机很容易获得,而且很可靠。添加一个Lightning端口还混淆数据传输方法 (你iPhone 的一个Lightning-to-Lightning线缆?真是愚蠢.), 有一个纯粹的耳机端口是浪费空间。

那么,2016版 MacBook Pro会比Air厚一点, 并且绝对不像MacBook苗条。 PRO没有奢侈的一个统一芯片组设计,又需要比MacBook更强大。这意味着它需要更多的升级选择,进而让我们或多或少只好把现成的零件拼凑在一起。


LTE is a stretch, too. The antenna patent may not make it into the 2016 Pro, but I doubt Apple is looking to make a connected MacBook. It has gone all-in on tethering to an iPhone, and leaving us with connected MacBooks fragments Apple’s ‘please buy every Apple device’ missive.

Touch ID is also something we should probably forget about. Apple recently created a way to authenticate a MacBook log-in via the Apple Watch (please see the ‘buy every device’ line above), which can also be used for Apple Pay transactions on the Web. Using a second device has a lot more avenues than Touch ID for authentication, and keeps us tied to Apple’s ecosystems.


So what do we know, and what should we expect from the 2016 MacBook Pro?

We know that nobody outside of Apple knows anything. Rumors are not facts, and while exciting — they’re often nonsense or wishful thinking.

Consider that Apple has failed to produce a significant upgrade to the MacBook Pro in some time. The last time we saw anything impressive (2013!), it was a 13-inch device with a Retina screen. Later, we saw Force Touch trackpads.

It’s being pragmatic; do you really think Apple will suddenly jump the shark and offer up Lighting connectivity, Touch ID and LTE?

那么我们知道些什么,而我们应该从2016版的MacBook Pro身上期待些什么?


考虑到Apple已经在没能生产出MacBook Pro的一个重要的升级版本。上一次我们看到的令人印象深刻的东西(在2013年!),是一个拥有Retina显示屏的13寸的设备。之后,我们又见证了压力触摸的触控板

它很实用;你真的认为Apple会突然哗众取宠而提供闪电连接,Touch ID和LTE吗?


I don’t. The 2016 MacBook Pro will undoubtedly be a very new and exciting device, but it will build on Apple’s history with the Pro — not alter course for the sake of doing so.

Look for a slimmer design with Apple’s new butterfly keyboard mechanism, four USB C ports and a Force Touch trackpad. It will almost definitely have Kaby Lake processors (Apple skipped Skylake for a reason, right?), a few GPU options (with Intel being standard), and SSD memory (but not a lot for the base model, because iCloud is where it’s at).

You’ll almost definitely be able to buy it in several different colors, and it will be more portable than the existing Pro. Apple should also keep the 13 and 15-inch screen sizes, but may increase Retina to 4K on both. Also, I’d be shocked if its P3 color gamut wasn’t involved with those new displays.

There should also be some new peripherals direct from Apple. If it wants to make the jump to USB C, we’ll need a solid hub to connect existing peripherals to. Also, cases and other non-essential items should be on offer at launch.

The 2016 MAcBook Pro will be better than what you can buy now — a lot better. It just won’t be a unicorn.