I’m often asked for a list of the best blogs and websites focused on literary fiction and culture. This list was first curated in 2011; after five years, I continue to update it as sites fold or launch.

If I’ve missed any sites that deserve consideration, please let me know your favorites in the comments. Note: I have deliberately excluded well-known traditional media or social media, e.g., Publishers Weekly, New York Times, Goodreads, etc.


The newest arrival to the literary blogging scene—and one of the most successful on this list—LitHub was launched in 2015 as a collaboration among Grove Atlantic, Electric Literature, and other literary publishers and magazines. You’ll find diverse voices and conversations about both contemporary and classic literature, with a HuffPo marketing twist. Twitter: @lithub


如果我错过了一些值得考虑的网站,请在评论区告诉我你们最喜欢的网站。注意: 我已排除著名的传统媒体和社交媒体,例如,出版商周刊、纽约时报、Goodreads等。


最新被纳入文学博客场景的——在列表上最成功的之一——立陶宛作为一个在格罗夫大西洋、电子文学和其他文学出版商和杂志中的协作,成立于2015年。 你会发现各种各样关于当代文学和古典文学的声音和对话用Huffo营销扭曲. 推特: @lithub



The perfect place for writers and readers of both literary and commercial literature. In other words, it’s more friendly and enjoys pop culture. It claims to be the biggest independent book editorial site in the US. Twitter: @bookriot

Electric Literature

Kind of a cousin to LitHub, since they share founders. You’ll find many facets to Electric Lit, but the most consistent thing they publish and are known for is Recommended Reading, a weekly fiction magazine. They also do a range of articles about literary culture and the publishing industry. Twitter: @ElectricLit



Electric Literature

该网站和LitHub非常相似,因为它们源自同一批的创始人;不难发现它们的相似之处甚多,但最出名的要数它们都发表了一本名为Recommended Reading的小说杂志周刊。它们还会发表一些有关文学文化及出版业的文章。Twitter: @ElectricLit


The Rumpus

An online literary magazine about culture, rather than pop culture. Mission: “To introduce readers to things they might not have heard of yet.” It was founded and continues to be run by author Stephen Elliott (since 2008), and has a sizable editorial staff. This is where Cheryl Strayed wrote “Dear Sugar.” Twitter: @The_Rumpus

The Millions

An online magazine that’s been published since 2003, offering coverage on books, arts, and culture. They run a very popular end-of-year series, A Year in Reading. Twitter: @The_Millions

The Paris Review blog

Most people know The Paris Review and it needs no introduction. The print edition releases only quarterly, and their blog offers a place for more informal posting and literary culture discussion. It’s probably the most followed literary blog by a print literary journal. (The others on this list are online-only publications.) Twitter: @parisreview

The Rumpus

一本关于文化的在线文学杂志,不仅限于流行文化, 宗旨是 “扩展读者们的阅读面” 。该杂志由Stephen Elliott及其庞大的编辑团队于2008年创始并运营至今, Cheryl Strayed便是在这本杂志上发表了小说 “Dear Sugar”。 Twitter: @The_Rumpus

The Millions

一本从2003年开始发行的在线杂志, 发表关于书籍、艺术以及文化的报道.。每年都会举办广受欢迎的年终系列活动,名为“本年阅读有感”。Twitter: @The_Millions

The Paris Review blog

无需介绍,大多数人都知道The Paris Review,该刊物每季以纸质形式发行。它的博客上会有一个区域,供大家自行发帖进行文学文化方面的探讨,这很可能是纸质文学杂志中,最与时俱进的文学博客了(除此以外本文所列均仅为在线刊物)。Twitter: @parisreview


3 a.m. Magazine

An online, international literary magazine that’s been around for more than 15 years. (That is a tremendous accomplishment for an online mag!) They accept essays, fiction, and poetry. I think of them fondly, as I published my first online piece here in 2003. Twitter: @3ammagazine

The Nervous Breakdown

Not as prolific as most sites on this list, but worth a look; it’s run by Brad Listi, who produces the well-respected literary interview podcast, Otherppl. Twitter: @TNBtweets


A relative newcomer to the online literary magazine scene. It’s an extension of a book publisher and its aspirations are to nurture a community of writers. Twitter: @CatapultStory

3点 杂志

一本在线的国际文学杂志,已经流传了15多年。 (这对于在线MAG来说是一个巨大的成就!) 他们接受散文、小说和诗歌。我很喜欢他们,因为我在2003发表了我的第一篇在线文章。推特: @3ammagazine


不像这张榜单上的大多数网站那么多产,但值得一看,它是由Brad Listi制作的,他制作了受人尊敬的文学采访播客Otherppl。推特: @TNBtweets


一个相对新的在线文学杂志场景。它是一个图书出版商的延伸,其愿望是培养一个作家群体。推特: @CatapultStory


Vol. 1 Brooklyn

Founded in 2009; despite the name, it offers wide-ranging coverage of literary culture. Twitter: @vol1brooklyn


  • My longtime favorite aggregation site for broad arts & culture news: Arts & Letters Daily
  • If you love literary culture AND mass media: The Awl


成立于2009;除了这个名字,它提供了广泛的文学文化.推特: @vol1brooklyn