After a confusing introduction at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, Sony is finally gearing up to bring its new Xperias -- the Xperia X, X Performance, XA and XA Ultra -- to the US this summer. Alas, the Xperia X is set to land here first (June 26th for $550), though it's arguably the least interesting of the bunch. It's a handsome little phone and channels many of the Xperia Z5's design and construction strengths, but after a week of using it, one thing is clear: There isn't a great reason to actually buyone.

I've been playing with the 32GB lime-gold version, because really -- how often can you go out and buy a cute green phone? The correct answer: not often enough. Sony went all out with the color, too. In fact, the only splashes of not-green you'll find are the silver Sony logo, a silver sleep/wake button and a sticker indicating the NFC touchpoint is next to the 13-megapixel front-facing camera. There's a micro-USB port on the bottom edge (sadly, not everyone has embraced the USB Type-C revolution yet) and a nano SIM tray that also has a spot for microSD cards as large as 200GB.

在今年早些时候的世界移动通信大会上,索尼做出令人费解的产品介绍后,终于准备于今年夏天在美国市场推出Xperias系列的新型号产品-- the Xperia X, X Performance, XA 以及XA Ultra 。哎,虽然Xperia X在美国基本无人问津,但它还是选择在这里首发。这款手机小巧美观,沿用了许多Xperia Z5的设计和架构理念,但使用一周之后,你会发现根本没必要买。

我一直在用32G土豪金版本,因为仔细想想,你要多久才能把这个淘汰掉,然后去买一个手机中的绿色小可爱? 答案是: 不存在的。索尼对于配色也真是落伍了,事实上,手机上除了银色的索尼标志、睡眠/唤醒键以及1300万像素前置摄像头边NFC触摸点的指示标识外,全都是绿的。手机底边有一个微型USB接口 (很遗憾,并不是所有人都使用C型的USB)和一个微型SIM卡托架,托架上还能放置一张200G的微型SD卡。


Expandable memory is always a nice touch, but it doesn't make up for the Xperia X's two most troubling omissions. Unlike global versions of the Xperia X, the US model's power button doesn't double as a fingerprint sensor. And unlike the Xperia X Performance, which will hit the US on July 17th, the bog-standard X isn't waterproof. D'oh.

Speaking of mild disappointments, the Xperia X's main rear shooter is a reminder that it takes more than just megapixels to make a good camera. The 23-megapixel sensor is quick to shoot and there's virtually no downtime between snapping photos, but there's some noise to be found in detail-heavy pictures -- it seems like Sony's software goes a little heavy on the processing. While there is a full manual mode and camera effects like an AR mode and artificial bokeh available for download, most of the time you'll be shooting in the superior-auto mode.

可扩展内存这一点很帮,但这并不能弥补Xperia X的两个致命缺陷。一是Xperia X的电源键和Xperia X全球版不同,实在太小了;二是Xperia X的标准版和即将于七月17日登陆美国的Xperia X Performance也有区别,居然是不防水的,这还行?!

说到小缺陷,Xperia X背面的主摄像头向我们展示了什么叫“像素高不代表一切”。 2300百像素传感器在拍照时感应速度很快,连拍时也几乎没有停顿,但是拍高清照片时有卡顿感,可能是索尼的软件在处理高清拍照时有点力有不逮。尽管有纯手动模式以及照相机效果的AR模式,还能手动散景进行下载,但绝大多数时间你可以用高级自动模式进行拍摄。


As usual for smartphone cameras, the Xperia fares best in bright shooting conditions. Though colors are usually punchy and expressive, they can get washed out in harsh lighting. As you might expect, the Xperia X also suffers from blur and muddiness in dimmer light; indoor shots on a cloudy day came out a little hazy. On the flip side, though, the 13-megapixel front camera consistently churned out detailed selfies.

Those selfies look great on the Xperia X's 5-inch, 1080p IPS LCD screen, by the way. That shouldn't come as a surprise: Just about everything looks great on this display. More importantly, it's absolutely fantastic in direct sunlight; the sweltering weather we've had in New York these past few days couldn't keep the Xperia X from letting me see all the sweet, sweet social updates that make modern life a waking nightmare. Colors (including Sony's custom wallpapers) look vivid, and blacks are surprisingly deep by default. Not your style? Fair enough: You can make colors look even more vibrant, or turn off image enhancements entirely. Nicely done, Sony.

如大多数的智能手机的照相功能一样,Xperia在明亮的条件下拍摄效果最好, 拍摄出来的颜色效果栩栩如生,可是一旦拍摄时照明条件恶劣,那照片就失色很多了。如您所料,光线暗淡导致的模糊不清、阴天室内光线的不足,都会导致Xperia X拍摄出来的照片有些模糊。用另一面的1300万前置摄像头,就能轻松拍出大量清晰自拍了。

顺带说一句,自拍内容在Xperia X的5-inch1080p IPS LCD屏幕上显得格外的大,不要感到意外:手机上看自拍照都这样,更重要的是,在阳光直射下自拍效果一级棒。过去这几天纽约的天气非常闷热,却无法阻止我用Xperia X从这美好社会中取景,仿佛清醒地生活于火炉中。所有的色彩(包括壁纸)看起来都栩栩如生,默认设置下的黑色尤胜伸手不见五指的夜色。 你不喜欢这个风格?这都不是事儿: 你可以把色调调亮,或将图像增强功能调到最低。干得漂亮,索尼


So far the Xperia X feels like a mixed bag, but surprisingly enough, it's the mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 that makes the phone feel so premium. It's a hexa-core chipset in the vein of the classic Snapdragon 808, albeit with two cores clocked at 1.8 GHz and four clocked at 1.4GHz. Throw in 3GB of RAM, an Adreno 530 GPU and a relatively uncluttered version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and we've got a slick little package that never stuttered or felt sluggish during my week of testing. A brief aside: My only beef about Sony's Android skin is that swiping down to search for apps from the launcher brings up a list of apps the phone thinks you should install, including a few sponsored options. Get. Out.

看到现在感觉Xperia X想一个万能袋,然而让你惊喜的还在后面。搭载中档高通骁龙650芯片,让手机感觉起来高大上,虽然其中有两枚芯片是1.8GHZ的,另外四枚芯片是1.4GHZ的,但它是基于经典骁龙808纹路的六核芯片组,配以3GB RAM、一枚Adreno 530图像处理器以及完整版安卓6.01系统外加一个光滑小巧的手机壳,在试用的一周时间里手感极佳,手机运行时也没有迟缓的感觉。说句题外话:我对安卓皮肤唯一的不满就是手指下滑搜索app时,会弹出一张手机认为你需要安装的app列表,其中有一些是点击付费广告,请它有多远走多远。


Anyway, there's enough horsepower here to satisfy most people's daily routines, but the Xperia X still lags behind last year's Xperia Z5 when it comes to graphical performance. It feels a little weird to recommend a months-old phone over a brand-new one for mobile gamers, but that's the long and short of it. On the other hand, though, battery life has been surprisingly good so far -- I've been getting more than a full day of pretty frequent usage out of the X, and it sat patiently on my desk for nearly three days waiting for me to do something with it before dying.

不管怎样,这支手机的性能足以满足大多数人的日常需求, 但谈到图形处理性能,Xperia X仍比不上去年的Xperia Z5,用Xperia X玩游戏,就像推荐别人取用小匕首砍树一样很奇怪,然而这就是寸有所长,尺有所短.。但是从另一方面来看, 这电池的续航能力好的出奇——我已经较频繁地使用它超过一整天,电量都快耗尽了,它还耐心地在我的桌子上待机近三天,想在自动关机前再略尽绵薄之力。


It's easy to write off Sony as a smartphone also-ran, a company that could've been a mobile giant if not for years of questionable decisions. The Xperia X stands as a reminder that, even after all that, Sony still knows how to make a fine handset. That doesn't, however, mean you should rush out and buy this thing. While there might have been production and supply issues at play, I'm a little disappointed we're getting this model instead of the far more interesting Xperia X Performance, which comes out July 17th.

The price feels a little silly too: You could spend $549 on the really-rather-nice Xperia X, but the Z5 Premium and its heartbreakingly nice 4K screen will set you back just as much. Frankly, the argument to buy an Xperia X is pretty flimsy, but hopefully, it does well enough that Sony doesn't change its mind about launching the phone(s) we really want later this summer.

索尼很容易被当成智能手机市场的陪跑者,如果不是多年来决策有问题,这家公司本来可以成为手机业的巨头。Xperia X这款产品就是在提醒大家,即便公司决策有问题,索尼仍然知道怎样去制造一款好手机,然而这并不意味着你得立刻出门去入手一台。 虽然可能存在生产和供应问题,致使我们拿到的是Xperia X,而不是将于七月十七日推出的Xperia X Performance这款极具吸引力的产品,但我们还是有点失望。

这款产品的定价感觉也有点荒唐:如果这款Xperia X真的很好,那么这549美元物有所值,但是它的品质和Z5 Premium差不多以及同样令人蛋疼的4K屏幕,会让你觉得物廉价美。诚然,反对购买Xperia X的论据有点站不住脚,但希望还是有的,索尼已经确定在今夏晚些时候,发售我们真正想要的手机,这点做得很好。