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Jennifer Manry网络危机贡献者

Jennifer Manry是首都联盟男性盟友项目的技术副总裁。她还致力于公司女性创新的其他方面。除了联合出席2016年计算机领域女性的格蕾丝.霍珀盛典,Manry还担任女性代码组织的顾问。

Mike Wisler网络危机贡献者

Mike Wisler是技术部管理副总裁,帮助创建了首都联盟男性盟友项目,这是公司女性技术创新的一个子集。除了联合出席2016年计算机领域女性的格蕾丝.霍珀盛典,Wisler还服务于安妮塔.博格研究所的性别合作委员会。

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The Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing couldn’t be more aptly named: It truly is a celebration of the technical innovation, inclusive focus and relentless drive of women in tech.

We were thrilled to be a small part of the celebration this fall, along with 15,000 other women technologists and male allies. You’ve hopefully heard a lot about the movement around women in tech, raising awareness about the challenges that women face in the tech industry and the importance of hiring and retaining a diverse workforce. A part of that dialogue is about gender allies — the concept that men need to be a part of the solution to reach gender parity in technology fields.

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男性应该参与进来,并和女性在技术上成为真正的盟友,有很多原因: 这是正确的做法,而且这对业务有好处。能够反映最终用户的多样化的团队可以创造出对客户更好的产品。男性盟友尊重和欣赏他们的女性队友,他们相信平等。

根据由国家妇女和信息技术中心进行的一项研究 ,性别多样化在多个方面对业务有好处,在性别平衡的公司里,包括有更好的财务业绩以及卓越的团队动力和生产力。 研究报告指出,性别多样化的科技组织和部门里的工作团队都会保持进度,能控制预算,并且能够改善员工的绩效。

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The crucial component was honesty in a safe space where everyone assumed positive intent. We talk a lot about positive intent at the office because it’s one of our core values. If you start with assuming whomever you’re talking to is coming from a place of positivity, everyone involved benefits from seeing multiple sides of an issue and not jumping to conclusions.

That was when we decided to become part of the solution together.

Armed with the tools and tactics we learned, we started a Women in Tech Male Allies initiative with the goal of raising awareness about the challenges women face, identifying ways men can be a part of the solution, providing education about unconscious bias and training men and women to call out and work through bias issues. We both learned more about the issues and how we could take this newly formed partnership back to our teams to amplify the dialogue.

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The partnership element is crucial: Having a woman in tech and a man who is actively working to be a better ally meant we were able to show — rather than just say — how having a trusted partner is invaluable to the process and to making progress.

Being a gender ally isn’t easy. In fact, we can guarantee that you’ll make mistakes just like we did. The thing to remember is that we’re all human. We will inevitably make mistakes. But, if you have a partnership and a trust that grants permission to be imperfect, those mistakes become learning opportunities and teachable moments.

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And to be clear, it’s not just the male allies who will fall short from time to time. Women in tech have a lifetime of experiences of receiving bias that may have been unconscious or outright explicit. Extraordinarily valid feelings stemming from that can be a barrier to accepting help or support from men who genuinely do want to help. Both sides have ample opportunities to misstep. Just like in tech, the “fail fast” mentality works. Do everything you can to get it right, but when you don’t, learn from it and make the next time better.

Through our work at Capital One, we’ve found that men can help by serving as allies and contributing to a culture of inclusion. They don’t do this by charging in to save the day; instead, male allies play a supportive role in addressing the challenges that women face in the tech industry. Women in tech can invite men into the conversation and be a trusted partner to start and continue the dialogue. Gender parity isn’t going to be achieved by a single group. We’ll get there faster together.

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